In this article we will show you how to deactivate a from the competency module.


Deactivate a competency user

It is not possible to delete a user from the competency module, but you can deactivate a user and he / she will no longer be visible in the normal overview.

The reason you cannot delete a user from the competency module is that there sometimes are good reasons for keeping this information, even if the user no longer works for your company. There may be occasions where customers or the government might be interested in historical data about a user’s competency.

Navigate to the user's competency page. Deactivation is done by entering a "End date" for the user. The user will then be deactivated on that date. Or if the date is in the past, the deactivation will happen the following night.

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List of deactivated competency users

Since the deactivated users no longer are visible in the normal overview, you can click the "Show expired users" button in the top right corner to get a list of all deactivated users.

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