This article will show you how to use the rich text editor field that ABMS use in a lot of it's modules. Some of the main features are described, such as inserting links and documents, and table of contents.


Rich text editor

The rich text editor is used in most modules. This text field has similar formatting possibilities as text editors like MS Word and Google Docs, and therefore allows you to format your document to your company's standard. But there are some features that is different, in this article the main difference is described.

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Function descriptions 


The "Insert / edit link" icon will let you either attach a file / image from your computer, the file will show under the "Attachment" tab and a text link is inserted in the editor. Or you can link to an URL, the URL can be anything. Examples can be the URL to a report in ABMS or a page from "".

NB! Remember that the content of an URL can always change without your knowledge.

This feature is described in more detail in this article "Rich text editor - links and attachments".


The "Insert / edit image" icon allows you to upload images from your computer. The uploaded image will show in the editor, and be added to the "Attachment" tab.

NB! Remember to scale down images that are to big for the editor. The wanted size of the image can be entered when adding the image, or you can right-click on the image and choose the "Image" option to get back the window where you enter the size.


The "Insert Field image" icon will let you insert images that is uploaded using the

1. "Attachment" button (paper clip) on the top of the document,
2. "Upload" button
3. Drag'n'drop feature

into the editor.

This can be handy if e.g. mobile images has been uploaded, and you would like these to show in the editor for a better description.


The "Insert internal document" icon will let you insert a text link to a AMBS document.

This feature will be described in more detail on the next slide.


The "Insert template" icon will let you insert one of the predefined templates. Superusers can create company specific templates.

NB! The templates supplied with the ABMS is only supported in the current version. Using old and unsupported templates may change the appearance of your document.

How to use this feature is described in this article "Rich text editor - insert a template".

How superusers build company specific templates is described in this article "SUPER USER Rich text editor - Create a company template".

 The "Emoticons" icon allows you to insert different prosses map icons and chemical symbols.
 The "Fullscreen" icon will make your editor the full size of your web browser window. Click the icon again to go back to normal size editor.


Table of contents

As in other editors, there is the possibility to create a table of contents in this editor. Use the "Format" button and choose the format "Headers"-> "h1". Make sure to also click the "Table of contents" check box above the editor to enable this feature. 

The table of contents only works for heading "h1", not the rest of the headings!


The table of contents is shown when the document is in "read mode".