This article will teach you what value lists are and how to edit the values in a value list. There is also a description of what to do if you need fields in a standard module changed, added or removed.


Value lists

When entering information in a standard module document, some of the fields have predefined values. These fields can be for example radio buttons, dropdown lists or connected dropdown lists (dropdown lists with multiple levels). For the standard modules, these predefined values are stored in what we call value lists. The primary purpose of these lists are for classification, tagging and statistical information.

The content of the different value lists are managed by the company`s superuser. 

A good tip is to use radio buttons when there is limited options, and dropdowns when the selection is large. However, too many values may confuse the users. Also ensure that the data in the list is clear and that the values don't overlap in content and thus makes it hard for the user to choose the correct one.


Edit of value lists

To change the content in a modules value list you need superuser access.

1. Use the system / main menu, go to "Super" -> "Modules".

2. Select the module where you want to make changes. For this example, we are using the NCR module.

3. A NCR module document generator will open, showing you the template for your company's NCR documents. Here you can add and remove fields, and edit the fields predefined values - what we call value lists.

When you open the generator, all fields will be "closed".

Click the image to see a larger version

  • Each field in the NCR document is represented with a grey box, the name of the field and a "burger" icon used to expand the field. In the image above these are marked with a yellow border.
  • Clicking the "burger" icon on the top right corner of each field, will expand the field. In the image above one example is marked with a red border.
  • Once a field is expanded you can see the predefined values - the value list. This list can be changed. In the image above one example field is marked with an orange border.
  • You can only see the fields in one "section" of the document. Switching between "sections" is done by clicking the "buttons" on the right side. In the image above these are marked with a green border.
  • For your changes to take effect, remember to click the "Save" button in the bottom left corner! In the image above this is marked with a purple border.

4. Once a field has been expanded, what you see is the value list.

To edit a value, you need to click the "pen" button in the blue line, this will enable the value edit function.

You can only edit values that is currently not used in any documents. If the value is used you will get a popup with links to the documents where the value is used, like this:

If the value is currently used, and you don't want it anymore you can disable it from showing in new documents. This is done by clicking the deactivation button.

When deactivated the value's deactivation icon will be red.

If you need to add more rows for values, click on the "+" button.

And if you want a value to be the default when creating new document, click the circle icon.

A value that is currently in use cannot be deleted; you should instead deactivate the value.

Fields in a standard module changed, added or removed

It is absolutly possible to change, add or remove fields in a standard module. But it has to be done by Antenor Support. Please create a support ticket where you describe which module you would like to change, and what that change / add / removal is.

Modification to a module is charged with a minimum of 2 hours of work, or the actual time it takes if longer than 2 hours.