This article will show you how to send a standard module document for further processing, what the approver will have to do when he / she recieves the document.


Sending a document for further processing

After registering all the relevant information, the next step is to send your document to approval. We will again be using the NCR module as an example.

 1. We assume all the relevant and required information has been filled out in the NCR initial step. Now the "Send for approval" button in the top right corner should be green. Click the "Send for approval" button.

A dropdown list of users that have access to the next step in the process and a message field is shown. Choose the "Receiver" and write a "Message" (optional), then click "Send".

The document will now show in the senders dashboard box; "Documents sent for approval".

Receiving a document for further processing

1. The approval user will get an email and the document will show in his/her dashboard box; "Documents waiting for your approval".

2. When opening the document, the approver will have to click either "Verify document" or "Reject document".

Note: Before you accept an NCR, remember to read the text and ensure it does not contain any inappropriate text and personal details. Once approved the text cannot be edited. This to ensure the integrity of the sender. "Verify document" means you accept the responsibility to process the NCR further.

3a. If the approver clicks the "Reject document" button, a window will open. Here he / she can enter a "Rejection message". 

Clicking the "Reject document" in this window will send the document back to the user that registered the document. The user will get an e-mail notifying him / her of the rejected document. And it will show in the user's dashboard box "Your in progress documents".

3b. If the approver clicks the "Accept document" button, the document will open, and the next section will be in edit mode and ready to be filled out.

Click the image to view a larger version.

 If he/she approves the NCR he/she will do the next part of the NCR process, and you will be notified when the last step is done, and the NCR is closed and verified. You can always follow the document from the NCR report.

For more information about the processing part of a NCR we recommend this article: "Processing a NCR document".