This article will show you how to log in to your Antenor Business Management System (ABMS). We will also show you how to make a shortcut to the login page on your mobile device.


How to login

ABMS works on all major web browsers, but we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

(If you don't have this browser, it can be downloaded here: )

The login address to ABMS is:

If using username / password:

Add your username (email address) and the password, sent to you in an email, and click the "Login" button. The first time logging in, you will need to change your password as prompted.

If using Office 365:

If your company uses Office 365 the super user can decide that your login should use your Office 365 e-mail username and password. If this is enabled and you have gotten an invite from our Office 365 application to connect, just click the "Login with Office 365" button and log in using your normal Office 365 username and password.

Mobile and tablets

ABMS can be used on any Android or iOS device.

If you want to add a shortcut/app icon to your mobile home screen for faster access to ABMS you can do this on Android and iOS devices.


Shortcut on iOS Device

1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone / iPad and navigate to

2. Click the sharing button in the browser menu.



3. Click the "Add to home screen" / "Legg til på Hjem-skjerm".



4. Write a name for the shortcut and click "Add" / "Legg til".




Shortcut on Android device

1. Open the web browser i.e. Chrome and navigate to

Click the three dots menu at the top right. 


2. Click the "Add to home page" / "Legg til på startsiden". 


3. Add a name for the shortcut and click the "Add" / "Legg til".


4. You can either manually place the icon on your screen, or you can click the "Add automatically" / "Legg til automatisk". For this example we clicked the "Add automatically" / "Legg til automatisk". 

5. A icon is added to your mobile device, clicking the icon will open the login page for ABMS.


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