The system super users can set up PDF export functionality for any report in the Report Hub. Additionally, this is also possible for the creators of the reports, restricted to only those reports they have created.

This is a short tutorial showing how to set this up.

  1. Go to or create a relevant report.
  2. Click the Settings tab. If you do not see this tab you do not have the access rights needed to perform this operation.  
  3. In the section PDF Export Settings give the export a name, and select at least one column to be included in the export. The maximum no. of columns you can export is 5. This restriction is due to the nature of a table in a pdf and how legible the report is. 
  4. A preview of the table, which will appear in the pdf export, is shown below the columns. This contains no data, and is simply meant as a visual for what the export will contain and how it will appear.
  5. When the required information is in place the toggle to turn the export functionality on or off will automatically be set to on. Remember to toggle this back off if you are not ready to make this freely available.
  6. Once the set up is complete you can turn this functionality on and off as you see fit using the bottom toggle
  7. Once you are finished you can simply click back to index (or wherever), everything is automatically saved.
  8. The PDF Export is now set up and ready to be used. The users who have access to the report now see a second export button 
  9. Due to length of path restrictions on a windows computer, the export is simply named Export_TIMESTAMP-UniqueNumber.pdf. The name you have given in the settings appears as the title of the PDF document. 
  10. The export itself, depending on the fields selected looks something like this