Super user can change both the e-mail domain used by the company and set the company's e-mail address policy. This can be useful both after a merger (or similar), or if for whatever reason the company has to decided to make changes to the e-mail addresses used by the company (for instance go from .no to .com).

Changes to domain and/or policy will affect all e-mails registered in ABMS which is of the old/preset domain. In other words, this is a one stop process to changing e-mail addresses en masse in your system.

To access these settings go to Super -> Company Settings in the menu.

E-mail DomainĀ 

This is what you will see when you get to the Company Settings page:

The first input field is for E-mail Domain, which is the part of the e-mail address which appears behind the @ symbol. You will not be able to save without this having a valid structure, and the "E-mail Domain" text will go red if it is not valid. The field will be pre-populated with your company's domain today. As of when we release this functionality, today's domain is calculated based on the majority of the e-mail addresses having the same domain. If this is not correct, please have som patience, you will soon be able to correct this without changing any e-mails.

If you make changed to the domain and then click save with all the checkboxes unchecked the domain will be updated on all relevant e-mail addresses, without making changes to the e-mail address policy.

E-mail Address Policy

The second part of this section is for editing the e-mail address policy, meaning the part of the e-mail address that appears before the @ symbol.

You can choose to add first name, sur name and other names, and which symbol to use between each name (the delimiter). If you add "Other names" it will add all other names a user might have, using the same delimiter between each name. The resulting format is shown in the blue "Resulting e-mail address" box. In the image above nothing is selected, and therefore it says you_old_email as no changes will be made to this part. This changes as you check and uncheck the checkboxes.

Once finished click the Save button. The system then runs the update in the background. You are free to keep working in the system during this time. It can take up to 3 minutes to complete the update.