Super users now have a new button in their Super - Users menu below the access matrix called Ownership Transfer.

To get to the Ownership Transfer page select the user from whom you want to transfer (the one who is leaving the company/position, on sick leave, on leave etc.).

Below the user access rights matrix there is a row of buttons, the last of which is the new Ownership Transfer button

Clicking the Ownership Transfer button will take you to an overview of all documents, actions etc. which can be transferred and/or deleted.

The page is divided into the following sections:

- Documents

- Document Actions

- Equipment responsible

- Competency responsible

- Risk Management actions

- Environmental aspect actions

The Documents section is further divided by module.


The Ownership Transfer page allows for transferral of single documents, actions etc. to separate assignees (each individual item selected can have it's own assignee), per module, per category (as listed above), or for all selected (set assignee at the top of the page).

Once selection is complete and assignees chosen, the Transfer Selected button at the top of the page is activated. Press this to start the transfer process.

The selected documents etc. are transferred in its position in the workflow to the new assignee, and he/she will get an email from the system informing them of what has been transferred to him/her.


It is also possible to delete documents which are currently still in the first section, which have not yet been sent into a workflow.

These documents are marked with a red X

This can be new revisions of documents that have not been changed, new blank documents etc.

To delete these documents, simply press the red x and approve deletion.

This is a non-reversible action, it deletes the documents from the system altogether!