How to send section 2 (processing) NCR to external processing:

1. Users create a new NCR and sends it to processing

2. Processor approves the NCR and want to have a supplier to process this section, he the click the green done button

Then there will be a popup like this:

Click on Send externally you will get a modal to input email to reciever and text to show in email

When you click on send the reciever will get an email with the instructions you wrote and a link to the section to be filled out.

When the external sends it back you will get an email and the document for approval on your dashbord.

When you click on it you will get option to verify it or reject it

If you verify it you will get a modal to choose who will be the responsible for the next section (verification), if you reject it, it will go back to external part with your rejection comments

Now the NCR is following the normal workflow to be verified and closed.