AMS has a Mobile first strategy. By that we dont mean we are going to spend a lot of time to develop an native App that can be found in Appstore or Google Play.

We are making AMS adaptive to device screens so it does not matter what device you are on, you just need a web browser. How to add a shortcut from web browser to Homescreen is described here

You will see your dashboard in adaptive to your screen with new document icons


Click on the Show dashboard / vis dashbord button to see the in progress documents and the other information boxes adapted to your screen size




When you i.e fill out an NCR or safety inspection, all fields are shown as dropdown, checklist as dropdown etc.

IMG_1412.PNG   IMG_1413.PNG


And finally when click on the green Done button IMG_1507.jpg you will get the send to modal to choose who will recieve/approve the document you are sending.