If you want to set the status of a document to your own status you need to have super user access


1. Go to super -> modules


2. Click on the module you want to set your own status on and you will see this admin tab on top left


3. Click on the Admin tab and you will be able to add statuses for use in all modules

4. Click on the + sign to the right of avaliable statuses


5. Add the values you want in English and Norwegian language and add value


6. Now the value is added to avaliable status values


Now we want this status to be shown on a Controlled document that is approved and published, before it is published it will have status: New

7. Go back on the index Tab


8. Click on the status button on the top right side


9. On the popup window select section 1 and status Published


10. Click the Close button

11. Now save the module at the bottom left


Now all documents in this module that is completed and approved/published will have this status, this is also shown in the Status column in the report index



12. Summary

To clear up the section number they mean this when you have a 3 section document like NCR:

Section 1 status is set when the 1 section is approved and you work in section 2.

Section 2 Status is set when the 2 section is approved and you work in section 3.

Section 3 Status  is final status when document is Closed fully.

When in section 1 the status will be New by default.


I will recommend the statuses as this:

1 = Processing / Under behandling

2 = In Verification / Under verifisering

3 = Closed / Lukket