1. To complete an assigned course you need to log in to http://learning.antenor.no with the credentials you have been given by Antenor Support


2. After login you will be redirected to your Dashboard


3. Click on my Courses


4. Here you will see all assigned courses and the % completed of the course


5. Click on the course name to get to the content in the course


6. Inside the course you will see the Lessons on the right side with lesson progress under and the lesson content in the large field in the middle


7. Click on the Next Lesson icon at the bottom right of the lesson content to go to next lesson, the name of this is the name of the next lesson


8. When you come to an Quiz lesson you will see a page like this


9. Click on the button Proceed to test to answer the question/questions in the quiz


10. Answer the question and click on the Submit test button


11. Then you will see the score for the question if you answered correct or not, when done with the question, go to next lesson as described in Point 7.

12. When all questions and section is done the course is completed you will see this message above the content


13. Click on the my Courses button and you will be sent to course overview and completed courses will look like this