To create an access group we do the following

1. Go to Super -> Users


2. Click on the access group radio button


3. Type the name of the access group


4. Click on add


5. Click on the group name in the list (scroll if you dont see it)


6. Click on the edit icon to set permission for the group


7. Find the row for the module and click on the access level the group should have


To learn how to add users to the group see this FAQ: Add users to Access Groups

As a standard we recommend that AMS is setup with 1 access group per module and in NCR 2 groups to have different processors and verificators and also one Standard User group for a standard access to all users.

So Groups that should be added is:

  • Controlled documents
  • Audit
  • Safety inspection
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Supplier evaluation
  • NCR Processor
  • NCR Verificator
  • Standard Users

Access level should be set as this on each group

Access Group Access Area Access level
Controlled Documents Module: controlled documents Approve
Audit Module: Audit Approve
Safety Inspection Module: Safety Inspection Approve
Customer Satisfaction Module: customer satisfaction Approve
Supplier evaluation Module: supplier evaluation Approve
NCR Processor Module: avvik Approve
NCR Verificator Module: avvik Approve
Standard Users All module areas that need access Your choice of standard access

Antenor will configure the access groups to be used in the workflow in modules so the users in these groups will be the users that are able to approve sections, and documents sent to approval to them.