Risk Management System is now working the way so you can set a risk owner and responsible for actions this so the facilitator is not getting actions in return but the risk owner is getting actions response for approval.

To make this work you need to setup 2 access groups, one for risk owners and one for responsible for actions.


1. To do this you go to Super --> Users --> Access groups


2. Add a new Access group called Risk Owner and click on Add


Do the same for Risk Action responsible


3. Navigate in left pane to the group and click on it


4. On the right table click on the pen icon to the left of the group name


5. Navigate to the line of Area Risk Management and give access Approve to the group


6. Now you need to add users to the group so the can be selected on Risk items as risk owner

Navigate to the bottom of the access table and click on Add Group Users


7. Click on users you want to be able to be selected as Risk Owner and they will be added to the group


Do the same for Responsible for action group.


8. Now when you add new risk management you will have options to select which groups to be used in Owners and action responsible


9. Select the group for Risk Owner and Responsible for action to be used in items for this risk management


10. Now the users added to these groups will come in dropdown in risk items to be selected

Risk Owner:


Responsible for Action