To add users to Access Groups you do it the following way


1. As a standard all modules has it´s own access group named the same as the module
i.e Controlled documents will have an access group named Controlled documents or Styrende dokumenter

These groups have approval rights on the module and will be the selected access in the module workflow.

Add users in these groups where you want them to be able to approve documents in each module.


2. Go to Super -> Users

3. Click on Access groups on top left over userlist

4. Find the Access group you want to add a person to from the list and click on it

5. You will now get this under the list of groups with the selected group

6. Click on Add group users, and you will get a list of all AMS users, click on the person you want to add and it will appear on the Users list immediatly and the user has the access rights the group has.