As an admin of the Risk Management system you can add or edit values in dropdowns used in the Risk Management system.

To edit/change values you need to follow this:

1. Open Risk Management System Index and go to Dropdown menu

2. Select the dropdown you want to edit

3. Now you will see the already added values

4. Click on the + icon to add new value and you can add English/Norwegian value

Type inn the values you want in the language fields and click on Add value, now the added value is
in the avaliable values list.

5. To remove an value click on the red X icon on the value you want to remove.

If the value you try to delete is used in an Risk Analyze you cannot delete it and will get an message stating this

6. To edit a value, click on the value from avaliable values list

You will then get the values in edit mode, edit English/Norwegian text and click Update