To edit a risk item, click on the risk management in index to see the items and click on the line of an item you want to set risk analysis on

In the new window, click on the risk analysis field

Set the colour value of the risk item in the matrix for the tabs you need

Click on Save in bottom right when done

Fill in the fields on the bottom of the edit risk item

When suggested risk action, responsible and due date for action is set, you can send action to the person selected in the responsible dropdown chosen.

By default the columns in the risk overview is collapsed

Click on the expand icon to see all information in that column

Now you see the colours and value of what selected in the matrix

When an action is sent to a user, you will see in the status in progress

That user will now get a notificationin email  for the action to be performed as suggested

The responsible can now accept the action sent to him/her or reject it

On accept the responsible person writes down what he/she has done in the textfield

And then return response to the person that sent the action

The person that sent the action will now get the action performed back to approve or reject

On Approve the Residual risk and cost after action field is now visible and you can set the residual risk by clicking on the colours and set the new risk in the matrix.

After edit of the residual risk and save the Status will now show as closed in the index of the item

And the new residual risk is in the residual risk column